Download LGFlashTool (All Versions) Patched and Official

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Intro: LG Flash Tool

LG FlashTool is another official LG Smartphones service tool from LG Electronics. The LGFlashTool is being used to upgrade, downgrade, flash and unbrick softbrick LG smartphones, both Android and Windows mobile LG phones. And on this page we contain the download links for both official (original LGFlashTool by LG Electronics) and patched (modified by developers) versions of the LGFlashTool ready for download.
We currently have Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.2.5, Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.1.6, Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.1.5, Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023 and LGFlashTool_patched on this page. You can head to the download section to download all or any one of your choice.

Qualcomm Chipset

LGFlashTool Download Links

It is our aim to keep this page updated with the download links for all LGFlashTool versions. The download links provided right below here are for the currently available LGFlashTool and latest versions. You may choose to download all or download the ones that suit your needs.

Oh! In case any of them asks/prompts for password (to decompress/unzip) use

  1. MegaLock DLL (Mega Link)
  2. Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.2.5 (Mediafire Link)
  3. Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.2.5 (Mega Link)
  4. Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.1.6 (Mediafire Link)
  5. Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.1.6 (Mega Link)
  6. Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.1.6-ieatacid (Mediafire Link)
  7. Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.1.6-ieatacid (Mega Link)
  8. Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.1.5 (Mediafire Link)
  9. Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.1.5 (Mega Link)
  10. LGFlashTool_patched (Mediafire Link)
  11. LGFlashTool_patched (Mega Link)
  12. Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023 (Mediafire Link)
  13. Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023 (Mega Link)

How to Install LGFlashTool On Your PC

  1. Download either of the LGFlashTool (or all) from the links provided above. Make sure you choose the one suitable for your need
  2. The LGFlashTool is compressed in a 7zip file. Decompress (unzip) the downloaded file (onto a folder on your PC) using either WinRAR, 7zip or any other file extractor that supports 7zip/rar file formats
  3. Open the folder in which the file is extracted on your PC
  4. In the folder, Double-click the setup file to launch the Windows Install Wizard
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions by the InstallSheild Wizard until the installation is complete
  6. If you intend to use the patched version, install the official version first, then install the patched version following the same procedures

Possible Questions You May Have:

Should I Use LGFlashTool Patched Version or the Official One ?

That depends on what you originally wish to do with the LGFlashTool. Generally, the patched version has more features and functions and generally more flexible to use. Meanwhile, it should be noted that the patched version may not be as stable as the official version.

Which LGFlashTool Should I Choose ?

This also depends on the LG phone you wish to flash, upgrade or downgrade. Later LGFlashTool supports more recent LG phones than the earlier LGFlashTool. E.g The LGFlashTool (2016 version) have supports for LG G4, G5, G6 while the LGFlashTool v2.0.2.5 (2018 version) further supports LG G7 One, LG G7 ThinkQ, LG V30 etc.

What is MegaLock DLL ?

MegaLock DLL is a requirement (required file) for LGFlashTool to work. Without MegaLock DLL file present in the right folder on your PC, the LGFlashTool will have difficulties working on your PC. For instructions on how to use and make LG FlashTool work, please see the usage tutorial linked above (in the beginning).


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