Download QDLoader HS-USB Driver (64bit and 32bit) Versions


Intro: QDLoader HS-USB Driver

For hardbricked Qualcomm Android devices that displays either QHSUSB_Bulk 9008, QHSUSB_Bulk 9006 or the much recent ones including the QHUSB_Bulk 9008, QHUSB_Bulk PID_9008 or QHUSB_Bulk 9006 when observed (or seen) from Windows PC device manager screen, this is the missing Qualcomm drivers that must be installed on your Windows PC so that the PC may communicate with the device.
When this Qualcomm drivers are installed on your PC, instead of displaying any of the error message indicators above, the PC would either display Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008, QDLoader 9008, EDL Mode, Emergency Mode or any of the proper Qualcomm Emergency state message and the PC would be able to communicate with the phone.

Qualcomm Chipset

QDLoader HS-USB Driver Download Links

It is our aim to keep this page updated with the download links for all QDLoader HS-USB Driver versions. The download links provided right below here are for the currently available QDLoader HS-USB Driver and latest versions. Choose/click the link that indicates the one suitable for your machine (32bit or 64bit version) to download it.

Oh! In case any of them asks/prompts for password (to decompress/unzip) use

  1. QDLoader HS-USB Driver_64bit_Setup (Mediafire Link)
  2. QDLoader HS-USB Driver_64bit_Setup (Mega Link)
  3. QDLoader HS-USB Driver_32bit_Setup (Mediafire Link)
  4. QDLoader HS-USB Driver_32bit_Setup (Mega Link)

How to Install QDLoader HS-USB Driver On Your PC

  1. Download the QDLoader HS-USB Driver from the links provided above. Make sure you choose the one suitable for your machine. E.g if your PC is 64bit, make sure you download from the QDLoader HS-USB Driver labelled 64bit
  2. The QDLoader HS-USB Driver is compressed in a zip file. Decompress (unzip) the downloaded file (onto a folder on your PC) using either WinRAR, 7zip or any other file extractor that supports zip/rar file formats
  3. Open the folder in which the file is extracted on your PC
  4. In the folder, Double-click the setup file to launch the Windows Install Wizard
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions by the InstallSheild Wizard until the installation is complete
  6. You may now connect your Qualcomm-powered phone and hold-on while Windows detects and installs the required drivers needed to communicate the connected device

Possible Questions You May Have:


After Installing the QDLoader HS-USB Driver, Windows Can't Communicate My Device Still. What to Do ?

First, ensure that you do not have any earlier versions of the same driver installed on your PC before. If any earlier version is found installed on your PC, uninstall all of them (including the just installed one) and restart your PC. When the PC is fully booted, re-install the one downloaded from above and restart the PC again.

Does this QDLoader HS-USB Driver Work with Windows 10 ?

Yes. All the QDLoader HS-USB Driver files uploaded above work fine on Windows 7,8 and 10. I have not personally tested any of them on Windows Vista and XP.


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