How to Convert LG KDZ Firmware File to BIN Files Format

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Intro: KDZ Firmware

KDZ (.kdz) is a file extension common with LG Electronics. Thus, this is the package LG uses to deliver the official stock firmware for most of their Android devices which can then be used to load, flash, upgrade or downgrade such LG Android devices using either LGUP or LG Flash Tools.
But the KDZ format is not supported by many tools especially those tools that are commonly being used to unbrick hardbricked LG Android devices. So what happens when you need to unbrick your hardbricked LG Android device? That's why we'll be guiding you on how to convert KDZ file to .mbn and .bin file formats usable by common LG Android devices unbricking tools.

What to Expect On this Page:

  1. You'll learn how to convert LG KDZ firmware file to .mbn and BIN files
  2. We link to some LG Android devices unbricking tutorials
  3. We also link to some already prepared LG Android devices unbrick files
  4. How to revive hardbricked LG Android devices
  5. We provide download links to some popular LG service tools
  6. You would also learn how to create LG Android devices unbrick files

Requirements to Convert KDZ Firmware File to BIN or MBN Files

In this tutorial, we will be making use of the LG Firmware Extract tool by @bullghost of XDA and the requirements for the tool are as follow.

  1. Your PC (Windows PC)
  2. Your specific LG Android device firmware. Download LG Stock Firmware here
  3. A Flash Drive or USB Card reader (with SD Card in it)
  4. Consistent and reliable power supply for your PC throughout the process
  5. Your attention

LG Unbricking Tools that Uses BIN Files

Below here is the list of the tools for flashing and unbricking LG Android phones (that uses bin files) already discussed on PhoneFIX. You may click on any of the tools listed below to visit their specific page.

QFIL - for flashing and unbricking

Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool - for unbricking

Mi Flash Tool - for flashing and unbricking

Converting KDZ Firmware to BIN Files

  1. Download the (official) LG stock ROM specific for your LG Android device. You can download official LG stock firmware for your device from the link already provided above. Be sure the firmware you download is specific (variant and region) for the device for which you want the files.
  2. Extract the downloaded firmware (if packed in .zip or .rar file) onto your PC. After extraction, you should hava a .tot or .kdz firmware file extention.
  3. Download LG Firmware Extract Tool. You can download LG Firmware Extract from here
  4. Open/launch LG Firmware Extract.exe as Admin on your PC
  5. Slot USB Flash Drive (or USB Card reader with an SD Card in it) into your PC's USB port
  6. In the flash drive, create a new folder. For easy identification, name the folder the same as the phone's model for which the unbrick files are being made
  7. Copy (or move) the KDZ firmware you downloaded into the new folder you created in your flash drive
  8. On LG Firmware Extract Tool, click working folder and then, navigate to the folder where you copied your KDZ file on the flash drive
  9. Still on LG Firmware Extract, from the KDZ/TOT section, click OPEN and select the KDZ file then click Extract KDZ. Wait for the extraction to complete
  10. This time around, click the DZ tab on LG Firmware Extract, and from the DZ section, click OPEN and select the file that ends with .dz in the folder then click Extract DZ. Wait for the extraction to complete
  11. Now, check the folder you created on your SD Card. You will see that all the firmware partitions have been extracted there and that they are all in BIN (.bin) file format


  • If the unbrick tool you are using to unbrick your LG Android device supports BIN files such as Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool, the files created above are now 100% ready for use with such tools
  • However, if the tool you are using supports both BIN and IMG (or only IMG) file format, you still have few more steps to go. See the questions & answers section below for the tip on how to convert your BIN files to IMG files
  • For best result, use USB flash drive or card reader (with SD Card in it) that is at the least, 16GB capacity

Possible Questions You May Have:

What is KDZ File ?

KDZ is one of the few standard file compression/extension formats being used by LG Electronics to delivering their Android smartphones' official firmware .

How to Convert BIN File to IMG File Formats ?

To convert your .bin files to .img files, if you have successfully converted to .bin files using the method discussed above, all you ought to do is change your .bin file extension to .img E.g boot.bin should be renamed to boot.img and that's it!


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