How to Flash, Upgrade and Downgrade LG Android Phones Using LG Flash Tools

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Intro: Using LG Flash Tool

Similar to LGUP, LG Flash Tool is an official flash tool made by LG Electronics for the purpose of flashing LG smartphones. The LG Flash Tool can be used to load (upgrade and downgrade) and flash LG Stock Firmware on LG smartphones with support for both Android and Windows mobile phones models by LG Electronics.
In this tutorial, we focus how to only flash LG Android devices using LG Flash Tool. In another separate tutorial, we may discuss how to flash Windows Mobile phones by LG using this same tool.

What to Expect On this Page:

  1. You'll learn how to flash LG Android devices using the LG Flash Tool
  2. Where to download LG stock firmware
  3. We provide download links to some popular LG service tools
LG G7 ThinkQ

Requirements for Flashing LG Android Devices Using LG Flash Tool

Because we focus LG Android devices only, the requirements listed below here are for LG Android devices only. Windows mobile phones requirements would certainly differ from this:

  1. Your PC (Windows PC)
  2. Internet connectivity for doing a few downloads
  3. LG Flash Tool (downloaded and setup) on your PC. You can download LG Flash Tool from here
  4. Your specific LG Android device firmware. You may download LG Android Stock firmware here.
  5. LG Android device drivers installed on the PC. Download LG Android drivers here.
  6. Your device compatible USB Cable
  7. Consistent and reliable power supply for your PC throughout the process
  8. Your attention

Similar Tools for Flashing LG Android Phones

Below here is the list of the tools for flashing LG Android phones already discussed on PhoneFIX. If you have need for any of them, you may click on any of the tools listed below to visit their specific page.


Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool - for unbricking

LG Loader.img (Live SD Card) - for unbricking

How to Flash LG Android Device Using LG Flash Tool

  1. Download and setup LG Flash Tool on your PC. You can download the LG Flash Tool from the link already provided from above
  2. Download the (official) LG stock ROM specific for your LG Android device. You can also download official LG stock firmware for your device from the link already provided above. Be sure the firmware you download is for your device model (variant) and region
  3. Extract the downloaded firmware (if packed in .zip or .rar file) onto your PC. After extraction, you should hava a .tot or .kdz firmware file extention.
  4. Download and install LG Android device drivers on your PC. You can download LG Android device drivers from the link already provided above.
  5. Boot your LG phone to download mode and Connect the phone to the PC using its compatible USB Cable
  6. Now copy (or move) the phone's KDZ firmware into the same folder as the LGFlashTool.exe file
  7. LG Flash Tool and LG KDZ Firmware
  8. Open/launch the LGFlashTool.exe as admin on your PC
  9. Run LGFlashTool App as Admin
  10. Observe the image below (LGFlashTool UI) and setup your LGFlashTool exactly as seen in the image before you begin flashing
  11. LG FlashTool Flashing Options
  12. Click Start from image above. After a few seconds, a pop-up requiring you to select language and a few other details would appear. Simply select your choice and proceed
  13. Now click OK and watch as the flashing operation progresses till it reaches 100%
  14. When the progress bar reaches 100%, and the flashing is complete, your phone should reboot automatically. You can now disconnect the phone from the PC, complete the setup screen on the phone and enjoy.


  • To boot your LG Android device to download mode, 1 install the LG Android USB Drivers on the PC. 2 power-off the LG Android device. 3 connect the device to the PC using its compatible USB Cable. 4 immediately press and hold the volume up button until the download mode screen appears
  • If you have an LG Phone with not-removable battery, I'm sorry but you may have to get to the battery the best way possible to remove and re-insert it again
  • Make sure your phone's battery is at the least 80% charged before you begin the process
  • Make sure you have a consistent or reliable power supply (for your PC) throughout the process
  • You must not disconnect the phone from the PC amid/during the flashing process

Possible LG Flash Tool Questions You May Have:

What is LG Flash Tool CSE Flash ?

The LG Flash Tool CSE Flash is being used when you need to completely erase everything on your LG smartphone. In most cases, this is the recommended option to choose.

What is LG Flash Tool Normal Flash ?

The LG Flash Tool Normal Flash option is there when you need to simply upgrade your LG Android phone and still retain your data on the phone.

Which Option Should I Choose. CSE Flash or Normal Flash?

I would recommend CSE Flash because the Normal Flash mostly end up in boot loop and you would have to factory reset your device and loose the data you're trying to preserve anyways. In any case, it is recommended that you backup your phone before you attempt this process if the data (you're trying to keep) are that important.

What if I'm Downgrading My Phone Using LG Flash?

CSE Flash is the option to choose. Using Normal Flash option of the LG Flash Tool when downgrading your LG Smartphone will break the phone.


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