How to Unbrick Hardbricked LG Phone Using Tool Studio eMMC Tool


Intro: Using ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool to Unbrick LG Phones

A hardbricked LG Android phone is one that no longer has any sign that signifies that it is still working or functional in any way. Thus, such LG Android phone does not power-on, fail to boot, is not detected by the PC and does not charge when plugged.
However, you may notice a sign that something is connected to your PC when you connect a hardbricked LG Android phone to your PC if you're viewing it from your Windows PC manager screen - this is most noticeable and common with Qualcomm powered LG Android phones.

What to Expect On this Page:

  1. You'll learn how to unbrick hardbricked LG Android devices
  2. Where to download LG stock firmware
  3. How to convert LG KDZ firmware files to bin files
  4. How to revive hardbricked LG Android devices
  5. We provide download links to some popular LG service tools
  6. You would also learn how to create LG Android devices unbrick files

Requirements to Unbrick LG Android Phone Using Tool Studio eMMC Tool

Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool is a sophisticated and advanced service tool for flashing and unbricking Qualcomm powered Android devices. The requirements listed below here is specific for LG Android phones only. Other brands may have requirements differ from this list.

  1. Your PC. Windows PC. So far, I have only known (used) Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool on Windows PC
  2. Internet connectivity for doing a few downloads
  3. Your specific LG Android device firmware. You may download LG Android Stock firmware here.
  4. LG Android drivers installed on the PC. Download LG Android drivers here.
  5. QDLoader HS-USB Drivers installed on the PC. You may download QDLoader HS-USB Bulk drivers from here
  6. Your device compatible USB Cable
  7. Consistent and reliable power supply for your PC throughout the process
  8. Your attention

Similar Tools for Flashing LG Android Phones

Below here is the list of the tools for flashing LG Android phones already discussed on PhoneFIX. You may click on any of the tools listed below to visit their specific page.


Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool - for unbricking

LG Flash Tool

LG Loader.img (Live SD Card) - for unbricking

How to Unbrick LG Android Phones Using Tool Studio eMMC

  1. Download the (official) LG stock ROM specific for your LG Android device. You can download official LG stock firmware for your device from the link already provided above. Be sure the firmware you download is for your device model (variant) and region.
  2. Extract the downloaded firmware (if packed in .zip or .rar file) onto your PC. After extraction, you should hava a .tot or .kdz firmware file extention.
  3. Convert your extracted firmware to a .bin or .dz file before you then convert it to a set of .mbn files. This is a must because ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool only supports .mbn and .bin file formats with .xml file map. See here: How to Convert KDZ Files to MBN and BIN Files
  4. Download and install LG Android device drivers on your PC. You can download LG Android device drivers from the link already provided above.
  5. Download and install Qualcomm QDLoader HS-USB Bulk drivers on your PC. You can download the QDLoader HS-USB Bulk drivers from the link already provided above.
  6. Connect your LG phone to the PC using its compatible USB Cable. Make sure the phone is switched off or simply remove the battery from the phone and insert it again.
  7. Open/launch ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool as admin on your PC. If Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool is not already installed on your PC, see here: Download Tool Studio eMMC Tool (All Versions) - follow the instructions on the page for how to install and launch/open Tool Studio eMMC Download on your PC
  8. Wait few seconds and then click REFRESH on Tool Studio eMMC Tool. Tool Studio eMMC Download Should now display the connected device and its COM Port
  9. Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool Refresh
  10. On ToolStudio eMMC Tool, click browse and navigate to the folder where your downloaded (extracted and converted) LG phone firmware is saved and select it
  11. Now, click Start All or Start button. Almost immediately, the flashing process will begin and you will be able to follow the progress in the progress bar of the ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool
  12. ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool Start Button
  13. Once the progress bar reaches 100% and the flashing is complete, Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool will fill the progress bar with green ink and the phone will automatically reboot. First boot-up after a fresh flashing usually takes longer (5 to 25 minutes). Hold-on until the phone is fully booted on/to Android and enjoy afterwards
  14. ToolStudio eMMC Download Tool Flash Complete
  15. If your phone fails to reboot after flashing is complete, simply remove the battery and re-insert it again then, power-on the phone using its power key


  • If you have an LG Phone with not-removable battery, I'm sorry but you may have to get to the battery the best way possible to remove and re-insert it again
  • Though, hardly the case for hardbricked LG phones but if you wish to flash only (some) specific partitions on the phone, click advance on Tool Studio eMMC Tool and the next page will display the list of the partitions (files) contained in the firmware folder
  • Make sure your phone's battery is at the least 80% charged before you begin the process
  • Make sure you have a consistent or reliable power supply (for your PC) throughout the process
  • You must not disconnect the phone from the PC amid/during the flashing process

Possible Tool Studio eMMC Tool Questions You May Have:


Encountered Error "Can't Find RAM" ?

You may encounter this error if the RAM file is not present in the extracted firmware folder or if the RAM file is not named in the format Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool recorgnises. If the later is the case, simply check and rename the RAM file to something like MPRG8936mbn.

Encounter Error "Wait for RAM Mode Failed" ?

Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool often display this error if the RAM file present is not for the phone exactly or when the phone's eMMC is damaged. In this case, either consider replacing your phone's eMMC or using the Loader method whose tutorial link is also provided above.

Encounter Error "Boot image not found" ?

This is simple. Just check your firmware folder and rename it in the format Tool Studio eMMC Tool recorgnises. If the boot image is not present in the firmware folder, get it.

How to Rename Boot Image for Tool Studio eMMC?

Simply go to your firmware folder and rename it the normal way to something like: 8936_msimage.mbn and be sure you identify the right boot image file.


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