How to Use QFIL: Unbrick, Flash, Upgrade and Downgrade Qualcomm Devices

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Intro: Using QFIL

Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) is one of the few official service tools designed by Qualcomm Mobility LLC for the purpose of flashing, unbricking, upgrading and downgrading Qualcomm powered devices.
On this page, we contain illustrated instructions that detailed the step by step processes involved in unbricking, flashing, upgrading and downgrading Qualcomm powered devices using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL).

What to Expect On this Page:

  1. How to flash Qualcomm-powered devices
  2. Upgrading or downgrading devices powered by Qualcomm chipset
  3. How to unbrick hard-bricked or soft-bricked Qualcomm-powered devices
  4. Where to download all QFIL tool, (oldest to latest) versions
  5. We include links to some similar tutorials and resources
  6. Links to some already prepared firmware for some Qualcomm-powered devices
LG G7 ThinkQ

Prerequisite for Using QFIL

QFIL is a computer software being installed on PCs for the purpose of flashing and loading official or custom firmware or partitions on Qualcomm-powered devices hence different or additional files may be required depending on your targeting purpose for using QFIL. Listed below are the general requirements suitable for all purposes.

  1. Your PC (Windows PC preferred)
  2. Internet connectivity for doing a few downloads
  3. Qualcomm drivers installed on the PC
  4. QDLoader HS-USB Drivers installed on the PC. Download QDLoader HS-USB Drivers here
  5. Your device official firmware (in .mbn) suitable for use with QFIL
  6. Some devices require brand-specific drivers such as LG USB Drivers which can be downloaded here
  7. Compatible USB Cable for your device
  8. Consistent and reliable power supply for your PC throughout the process

Similar Tutorials

Just in case you have a use for it, here is a few of other flashing and unbricking tutorials already discussed on PhoneFIX. You may click on any of the tools listed below to visit their respective page.

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How to Use Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

  1. Download and install Qualcomm USB drivers on your PC. You may skip this step if you have already done so.
  2. If your device is hard-bricked, you must also download and install QDLoader HS-USB drivers on your PC. The download link for this driver is already provided from above. A hard-bricked Qualcomm device is one that displays either QHUSB_BULK, QHUSB_BULK 9008, QHUSB_BULK PID_9008, QHUSB_BULK 9006 CS Emergency or any other similar messages on Windows PC's device manager screen
  3. Similarly, if your device is from any of the popular brands (such as LG, HTC, Samsung etc), this is optional but also recommended that you download and install the device specific drivers on your PC otherwise, you may be facing errors due to connectivity challenges
  4. Download and extract (if it is compressed in a zip file) your device firmware on your PC. For this, we recommend that you copy or move the firmware into the same folder as the QFIL.exe file. For LG User, see here: How to Convert KDZ Firmware to .MBN and .BIN Files suitable for use with QFIL
  5. Now, download and setup QFIL on your PC. You can download QFIL from here (all versions, old to latest)
  6. Run QFIL.exe as admin on your PC
  7. You may now power-off the phone or remove the battery from the device. If the phone battery is sealed (not removable) you may proceed but most likely, it'll throw some errors
  8. Connect the phone to the PC. After few seconds, check QFIL UI (User Interface), it should display your connected device and its COM port
  9. On QFIL, locate programmer path and click browse. Navigate to the folder where you have your unzipped/decompressed device firmware saved and select eMMC/UFS programmer file. It should look something like this: prog_emmc_firehose_8936.mbn or something similar
  10. Locate Load XML and click it. This time, QFIL will automatically open your firmware folder. From here, select rawprogram0.xml and again, select patch0.xml respectively
  11. Finally, locate Download and click it. If all the configurations are correct, QFIL should begin writing/loading the selected firmware partitions on the device

Points to Note:

  1. The step by step guides given above are straight and general guides on how to unbrick Qualcomm-powered devices using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL). circumstance, device status, device models/brands and other factors may change your necessary steps.
  2. If you have issues on how to flash or unbrick your android device using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader, you may state the issues and the device in the comment section. We'll attempt to treat and attend your issues as soon as possible.

Possible Questions You May Have:

Which Windows PC Can I Use with QFIL, 32bit or 64bit ?

QFIL works at its best on any Windows PC. Be it 32bit or 64bit, what matter most are your device firmware, the drivers and other requirements.

Where Can I Download My Device Firmware for Use with QFIL ?

Well, this I cannot tell. We sometimes upload and share stock firmware prepared specifically for use with QFIL in our unbrick files archive. You can search there and you can also search other repo. Google is your best friend in this case though

Can I Use QFIL for My Tablet ?

Yes. You can use QFIL to flash and unbrick any device powered by Qualcomm chipset. It can be phone, phablet or tablet in as much as you have got the suitable firmware.


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