Using Live SD Card (Loader File) to Unbrick Hardbricked LG Phones


Intro: Using Loader File to Unbrick LG Phones

The loader.img (live SD Card method) of unbricking hardbricked LG Android devices is one of the safest means of unbricking Qualcomm-powered LG Android devices. A hardbricked LG Android phone is one that has no sign that signifies that it is still working or functional in any way. Thus, such LG Android phone does not power-on, fail to boot, is not detected by the PC and does not charge when plugged.
However, you may notice a sign that something is connected to your PC when you connect a hardbricked LG Android phone to your PC if you're viewing it from your Windows PC manager screen.

What to Expect On this Page:

  1. How to unbrick hardbricked LG Android devices
  2. How to create Loader.img File (Live SD Card)
  3. Where to download official LG stock firmware
  4. How to revive hardbricked LG Android devices
  5. We also provide download links to some popular LG service tools
  6. You would also learn how to create LG Android devices unbrick files
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Requirements to Create Bootable SD Card for Unbricking

The purpose of this method is to turn your SD Card to a bootable partition that can be mounted by your device so that flash tools such as QFIL, Tool Studio etc can detect the device even when it is hardbricked hence, below here are the requirements for this method:

  1. Your PC (Windows PC preferred)
  2. Internet connectivity for doing a few downloads
  3. An SD Card. 4GB is the minimum but the recommended SD Card size is the size of your phone's internal storage. E.g the recommended SD Card size for a phone that has 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM is 32GB SD Card (for best result)
  4. USB Card reader. Minimum of 2.0 USB Card reader but 3.0 USB Card reader is recommended
  5. Your phone's working (fully functional) exact variant
  6. A full backup block (blk0) file in .img format from the device above (the 5th requirement above)
  7. Consistent and reliable power supply for your PC throughout the process
  8. Your attention

Other LG Android Phones Unbricking Guides

Just in case you have a use for it, here is a few of other unbricking tools already discussed on PhoneFIX. You may click on any of the tools listed below to visit their respective page.


Tool Studio eMMC Download Tool - for unbricking

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First things first:

The loader.img file is crucial to the success of this method so we need to create/make it first. So, the step by step guides that follow right below here explains how to create the loader.img file which you would later flash on your (recommended) SD Card before it can be used to boot the hardbricked LG Android phone.

Creating Loader.img File for Unbricking LG Android Phones

  1. Get another exact variant of your device and insert an SD Card in it. If the device does not support external storage then this method is not for it
  2. Root the phone (the one gotten in step one above) if it is not rooted yet and install Terminal Emulator on it
  3. Download and install BusyBox on the device. I recommend this version of BusyBox which can be downloaded from here
  4. Once BusyBox is installed, launch/open it and run/install its dependencies/files by tapping on the appropriate button
  5. Now, launch/open Terminal Emulator on the device and follow the procedures that follow right below:
  6. On Terminal Emulator type:
  7. su 
  8. Hit/tap the Enter button. You may be prompted to grant terminal emulator a Root Access. Simply tap Grant and proceed below by typing (on terminal emulator again):
  9. dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 of=/sdcard/Loader.img bs=1024 count=168960 
  10. Tap the enter button again and wait few minutes or until Terminal Emulator completes the process
  11. You may now check the root folder/directory of the SD Card (inserted on the phone). You should now see that a file named Loader.img has been created there. Good! Copy (or move) the file onto your PC and proceed to the next stage outlined below


In case you are curious to know, what we have done (by creating the Loader.img file) is that we have copied all the necessary partitions required to boot the hardbricked LG Android phone from the working exact variant and compressed it in a .img file - the format that is widely supported by fastboot commands and can be flashed on the SD Card.

How to Boot Hardbricked LG Android Phones from SD Card

  1. Get an SD Card (as recommended from the requirements section) and format it as (exFAT. Preferred). You may use MiniTool Partitioning Wizard for this
  2. Download DiskImageRev2 from here and copy/move it onto your PC Desktop
  3. Slot/Insert the SD Card in a card reader and connect it to the PC
  4. Locate DiskImage Rev2 on your PC Desktop. You may have to extract DiskImage Rev2 on the Desktop (if it is compressed in .zip or .rar file)
  5. Open/Launch DiskImageRev2.exe (as admin. Preferred)
  6. Once opened, DiskImageRev2 will detect and display the drive/port where your SD Card is connected. If otherwise, browse to select the drive
  7. From DiskImageRev, browse to the folder where you saved the Loader.img file (which we have earlier created) and select it
  8. Now click Write and wait until DISKIMAGEREV completes writing the files on the SD Card
  9. Once DISKIMAGEREV2 successfully written the Loader.img file on the SD Card, your SD Card is now bootable and you may proceed to disconnect and remove the SD Card from the PC and insert it in the phone
Creating Live SD Card GIF

Possible Questions You May Have:

How to Boot My LG Android Phone to Download Mode Using the SD Card ?

To boot your LG Android phone to download mode, 1 install the LG Android USB Drivers on the PC. 2 Slot/insert the Live SD Card we just created into the phone. 3 connect the phone to the PC using its compatible USB Cable. 4 immediately press and hold the volume up button until the download mode screen appears.

After Booting My LG Phone to Download Mode. What Next ?

You need to download your phone's official stock firmware and load or flash the firmware on it using other official LG service tool such as LGFlashTool, LGUP etc.

Does this Method Work with All LG Android Phones ?

Well, I cannot say it works with all LG Android phones because I have not had the opportunity to try this method on all LG phones but I am sure it works with most. I have used this method with all variants of LG G2, G3, G4, G5 etc and they all work fine.

My Phone Does Not Have External Storage. Any Alt for Me?

Well, I am not sure there is any other alternatives as far as this method is concerned but you can try ToolStudio eMMC Tool linked above. That should help revive your hardbricked LG Android phone.


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