LG G7 Unbrick Exploits: Gathering All the Info and the Files

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Intro: Unbricking Hardbricked LG G7

The LG G7 ThinQ is one of the raining LG phones with hardbricked issues but with scarce unbrick solutions. Similar to the LG V10 and LG G4 among other LG devices for which we have proffered unbrick solutions with files, we aim to provide handy unbrick solutions for the LG G7 ThinQ

While we aim to focus solutions that would require no box or JTAG, we would explore all possible means of unbricking the device and provide detailed tutorial for such.

So, if your LG G7 ThinQ is currently stuck in QHS-USB QDLoader 9008, QHUSB_BULK, QHUSB_BULK PID_9008 or other similar Qualcomm hardbrick state, you could help us as well by providing us some useful information about your experience via the comment section.

Focused LG G7 Variants:

Wa currently aim working on:

  1. LG G710EM
  2. LG G710AWM

Depending on the response rate, support and available resources, we may extend this work to other variants as well. But in the meantime, we'll focus on the two variants listed above.

LG G7 ThinQ

About LG G7 Hardbrick Issues

As I usually say, a hard-bricked which is also known as hardware brick is an expensive issue that renders devices completely useless and almost totally inaccessible. Unlike the soft-brick issues (software brick) that can be rectified by simply flashing certain partitions on the phone, hardbrick issues take you some lengths further.

Since hardbrick issues usually have effects on the phone's hardware, some corrections or modifications need be made on all or some of the affected hardware of the phone before it can be fully restored.

Meanwhile, JTAG (and a few boxes such as Octoplus) happens to be one of the commonest and near 100% successful corrective solution for a hardbricked LG G7, besides the fact that boxes that support LG G7 are rare (as at the time this page is being published) JTAG does have its own costly shortcomings which then gives you the reasons to consider JTAG only in last minutes of giving up on the phone.

Hardbricked LG G7 Will;

  1. Not power-on
  2. Powers on but displays blank screen
  3. Only vibrates when the power button is pressed and nothing more
  4. Shows either QHS-USB QDLoader 9008, QHUSB_BULK, QHUSB_BULK PID_9008 (in Windows device manager) when connected to the PC (Qualcomm devices feature)
  5. Have unstable connection/communication with the PC (when connected)

What May Cause LG G7 to Hardbrick
  1. Flashing operation that goes wrong. When you flash your LG G7 using wrong files, for example; when you flash an LG G710EM using the flash files meant for LG G710AWM, the phone would most likely hardbrick. Another instance of this is when the LG G7 flashing operation was interrupted
  2. Uncompleted/interrupted OTA update operation
  3. Over-heating; when the device is heated to a temperature too high for a long time, it may shutdown itself or reboot incessantly until it goes to EDL mode
  4. Some root attempt may also get your LG G7 hardbricked

What Brought About this LG G7 Hardbrick Fixes?

The idea of having these LG G7 unbrick files gathered came to be when the request for the device unbrick files or unbrick solutions gets more frequent in our inbox. So, as usual, we decided to open this page for all those interested in this device especially; those currently having this device in their possession (fully functional or not), so that we can all make it happen.

Our Objectives

  1. Secure and upload the appropriate firehose file for LG G7 - with the LG G7 firehose file uploaded for download, we can be sure that the device can further be worked on and unbricked without the need for any box or even JTAG
  2. Upload the correct test-point picture for the LG G7 - this is useful for those LG G7 that are completely dead thus, not even detected by the PC in 9008 mode or those not stable in the 9008 (Qualcomm EDL) mode
  3. Create full QPST/QFIL compatible firmware for the LG G7 - just as you may have known, QFIL is pretty easy and very friendly for flashing and unbricking Qualcomm devices but only when we have the correct set of files
  4. Dump the LG G7 full firmware

Some Feedback Screenshots

As soon as we have any, this is where we'll contain the screenshots for the feedback. Feel free to send us yours too or give us feedback via the comment box.

Want to Support this Work?

If you wish to support this efforts, below here we have listed 3 of the best ways (currently known to us) that you can be of help:

1. Share this Page

One of those things that could help us achieve our goals faster is having the right information at our disposal. Things like what got your G7 hardbricked, its behaviours prior that, its response after... etc
And as you may have known, your device may arrive at the same hardbricked state due to different causes so sharing this page with like minded people is a great help.

2. Upload Some Files

It could be some picture, full firmware or some partitions. Even partition tables (correct or not, we'll work on it). Think of anything that could help fast-track our work. Instead of starting from scratch, you could just help us build on some.
So, if you've got any files to upload and aid this work, proceed to our upload wizard page by clicking the link below.

3. Donate

Though, we'd appreciate your donations, we want you to understand that with (or without) your donations, our work on the LG G7 unbrick solutions will proceed per our planned arrangements. Meanwhile, donating a few penny (or as much as you can afford) is another great way you could support not just this but also other solutions we work on. And for that, we say thank you!

Possible Questions You May Have:

My LG G7 Variant is Not Listed. Any Chance You'll Support it?

Just as earlier noted, we'll work based on our available resources. Besides, our intention is to work on the devices with the highest demands first then the others follow provided we have enough funds to go round.

How Long Would this Take to Complete; to Have the Files Ready?

We currently cannot say how long this would take us. For now, we intend taking one step at a time.

Do You Provide Unbrick Files for other Devices?

Well, that depends on the number of requests we receive for the device and the support we are able to secure.

What if the Files Don't Work for Me. Can You Help?

Sure. Let us know of the exact issues you are having and your device specific variant via the comment section. We should be able to help as soon as possible.


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