Unbricking Your Hard-bricked LG V10: Updated Unbrick Files and Tutorials


Intro: Hardbricked LG V10

If your LG V10 is hardbricked it becomes extremely useless unless you have use for its screen and some other parts of it to be swapped. For those LG V10 stuck in QHS-USB QDLoader 9008, QHUSB_BULK, QHUSB_BULK PID_9008 and other similar Qualcomm hardbrick status that's seen in Windows device manager screen, we have uploaded full set of unbrick files required to unbrick the LG V10 - these LG V10 unbrick files are available to download for free.
Please pay close attention to the accompanied tutorials. Each tutorial detailed how to unbrick your LG V10 using your chosen method.

Supported LG V10 Variants:

Tested Working for these Variants:

  1. V10-H900
  2. V10-H901
  3. V10-F600K/S/L
  4. V10-VS990

We currently do not have the specific unbrick files for other LG V10 variants. The list (above) would be updated as we make progress.

Although this tutorial is made specifically for LG V10, similar procedures maybe applied to other LG devices with similar architecture. Where applicable, you shall be guided for other LG devices whose unbrick solutions vary slightly or majorly from this

LG V10

About LG V10 Hardbrick Issues

A hard-bricked which is also known as hardware brick is an expensive issue that renders the device completely useless and almost totally inaccessible. Unlike the soft-brick issues (software brick) that can be rectified by simply flashing certain partitions on the phone, hardbrick issues take you some lengths further.

Since hardbrick issues usually have effects on the phone's hardware, some corrections or modifications need be made on all or some of the affected hardwares of the phone before it can be fully restored.

Having said that, JTAG happens to be one of the commonest and near 100% successful corrective solution for a hardbricked LG V10, JTAG does have its own costly shortcomings which then gives you the reasons to consider JTAG only in last minutes of giving up on the phone.

Meanwhile, provided you have access to the right tools and tutorials, you can actually unbrick a hard-bricked LG V10 without loosing up the phone.

A Hardbricked LG V10 Will;

  1. Not power-on
  2. Powers on but displays blank screen
  3. Only vibrates when the power button is pressed and nothing more
  4. Shows either QHS-USB QDLoader 9008, QHUSB_BULK, QHUSB_BULK PID_9008 (in Windows device manager) when connected to the PC; if it is powered by Qualcomm chipset
  5. Have unstable connection/communication with the PC (when connected)

What Can Cause LG V10 to Hardbrick
  1. Uncompleted/interrupted OTA update operation
  2. Over-heating; when the device is heated to a temperature too high for a long time, it may shutdown itself or reboot incessantly until it goes to EDL mode
  3. Flashing operation that goes wrong. When you flash your LG V10 using wrong files, for example; when you flash an LG V10-H900 using the flash files meant for LG V10-H901, the phone would most likely hardbrick. Another instance of this is when the LG V10 flashing operation was interrupted
  4. Some root attempt may also get your LG V10 hardbricked

About this LG V10 Hardbrick Fixes

The idea of having these LG V10 unbrick files created came as far back as mid 2017 when one of our team members met his LG V10-H901 dead while plugged-in (charging). All attempts to turn on the phone failed, wondering how possible a phone that was working perfectly okay could become dead only by charging.

He brought the phone to the office, completely immersed in the work, following several days of teamwork and individual suggestions, we were able to revive the phone with all the files in it gone though.

Meanwhile, it was only the LG V10-H901 unbrick files we had until we had followers requesting for the VS990, F600L and later H900 model. Our LG V10 unbrick files folder now contains full unbrick files for nearly all LG V10 variants.

This LG V10 Hardbrick Fixes Will Not Work for Your Device If:

  1. That device becomes dead due to high voltage (passage)
  2. Devices with broken/spoilt external storage slot and or spoilt USB port
  3. Devices with broken screen. Ensure your device's screen is still okay (displays fine) before attempting this fixes
  4. Ensure your battery is still okay and can retain charges

Some Feedback Screenshots

Feel free to send us yours too or give us feedback via the comment box.


  • Make sure your phone's battery is at the least 80% charged before you begin the process
  • Make sure you have a consistent or reliable power supply (for your PC) throughout the process
  • You must not disconnect the phone from the PC amid/during the flashing process

How to Unbrick Your Hardbricked LG V10

Initially, it was the QFIL method we were using to revive hardbricked LG V10 and it works really fine with virtually all the LG V10 we have used it for but, the loader method proves to be a lot more simpler, less time consuming and a much faster method to recover hardbricked LG V10 so we begin gathering the loader files for different LG V10 variants as well.

Today we have 4 loader files for 4 different LG V10 variants and QFIL files for several others.

Depending on your LG V10 variant and the method you choose to go for, see the unbrick instructions below:

Choose Unbrick Method, Get the Files and See Usage Instructions

  1. Get your specific LG V10 unbrick files from the list of LG V10 variants unbrick files currently available in our archive. Download all the unbrick files in the device unbrick files folder whose download link is sent to your email address.
  2. If you have chosen to use the loader method, see the instructions here: How to Boot Hardbricked LG Phones from SD Card
  3. If you prefer the QFIL method, see the instructions here: How to Use QFIL to Unbrick LG Phones
  4. Remember to comment if you have or encounter any issues or problems along the way

Possible Questions You May Have:

My LG V10 Is Not Listed, Can I Still Use this?

If your LG V10 variant is not listed, that does not mean we do not have the unbrick files for your device. We only list the variants we have successfully unbricked using these files. You can still request for the access link.

I Have Similar Device Not V10. Can this Method Work for It?

If you have the appropriate unbrick files, you may give it a try but definitely not with the files meant for the LG V10.

Do You Provide Unbrick Files for other Devices?

Well, that depends on the number of requests we receive for the device and the support we are able to secure.

No Luck with these Unbrick Methods for Me. Can You Help?

Sure. Let us know of the exact issues you are having and your device specific variant via the comment section. We should be able to help as soon as possible.


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